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There are some golden golf jokes; they would certainly make your life funny. Let’s read this golf joke. In this article, I would certainly like to talk some golf jokes. If you want to know much more information or jokes, you may read this funny article – Useful Physical Tips to Improve Your Golf.

Play golf along with an old man

A young man loves to play golf, but, he always can not afford the whole time struggling. One day, he had two hours of free afternoon, he plans to play golf a little faster, and play nine holes, and he could catch up along with the meeting. So he quickly ready on the tee.

When he was about to serve, an old man came and asked if he could play a group. The young man have actually not had time to refuse, the old man would certainly play golf. It is surprised that the old man actually playing a very fast speed, serve, and no major mistakes delays. When they reached the ninth tee, young people in mind a long ball, the ball fell just before the big pine tree, and pine trees just in the middle of the ball and the greens.

The old man looked at the ball, said: “I’m like your age, also encountered the same situation, I hard hit, and the ball flying over the green pine tree fell on Rights.” The young people made whole body strength force to summon the ball up hit, the ball touched the branches, and fell straight down, hit points than the far less than a meter, young people respect immediately looked at the elderly, believed he was amazing, the old man said: “Of course, When I was your age, the pine tree was only one meter high!”



I want to buy golf balls

One day, a young blonde girl went into the golf shop. She looked here to see there, can not seem to want to buy things. Clerk came and asked: “Miss, may I help you?” “I want to buy a green ball.” Rummaged through the store’s sales clerk so the directory, call all the factories, the clerk did not identify the golf green Ball sold. When the girl going out of the store disappointed when the clerk could not help but ask: “Can I ask why you want to buy green lady do?” Lady replied: “Because the green ball could be easy to find in the bunker!


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